Viraj Institute of Medical Science is devoted to making a difference in the lives of others. We have been in the healthcare industry for over a decade and take great pride in our work. As experts in paramedical science, we strive to provide the most comprehensive care to those in need. Our mission is to make a lasting impact on our communities through effective and compassionate medical care.

Paramedical science is a growing and in-demand field, offering a range of exciting career opportunities for those who have the passion and dedication to pursue it. Paramedics are healthcare professionals that work on the frontline, providing medical assistance to those who require urgent care. They are essential in preventing and treating illnesses, injuries, and other medical emergencies. Whether it be working in an ambulance, hospital or community setting, paramedics play an integral role in saving lives every day.

Paramedical Student Placement

Our Mission & Vision

To provide career-oriented quality education & training in healthcare disciplines in a stimulating environment of independent thinking and innovation to create Paramedical Professionals. Establishing an opportunity hub with industry-academia for research, knowledge exchange and technology transfer. Generating and enabling infrastructure for border less learning. We provide the right academic and professional platform where you can acquire the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship.


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