Dialysis Technology

viraj institute of medical science vims

This program provides the basic knowledge of renal anatomy, physiology, kidney diseases, and special extra corporeal therapies. This program prepares the students to conduct hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis to individuals with end-stage kidney disease and acute kidney injury requiring dialysis. You can pursue Diploma, Bachelor, Post Graduate Diploma or Master Degree program in this stream. 

  • By the end of the program students should be Technically and clinically competent
  •  Aware of the importance of quality assurance
  •  Aware of the theoretical basis for evidence-based practice
  • Effective members of the multidisciplinary team
  •  Prepared to participate in or initiate research into practice
  • Work according to registration requirements on the respective continents

Students are trained to work in a team of various medical professionals during their clinical postings. This course will equip the student with the knowledge and skills of a high standard required in the modern renal unit with the classroom and dialysis training room with good infrastructure facility. 

Careers Opportunities

After the completion of this program students can get placements in:

  • Healthcare setup: As dialysis therapist/technologist
  • Academic: As a tutor or clinical supervisor
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