How To Become An Operation Theatre Technician: A Step-By-Step Guide

Operation Theatre Technicians are in charge of maintaining the healthcare facilities’ equipment and preparing the hospital’s operating theatres for surgeries. They check all medical supplies, sterilizers, ventilation systems, surgical lamps, and other essential equipment before surgeries. With increasing number of hospitals opening up across India, there is also a growing demand for OTTs. If you are interested in taking up a challenging career as an Operation Theatre Technician, read this article to know about various factors that will help you decide if this is the right field for you:

What is an Operation Theatre Technician?

An Operation Theatre Technician is an individual who has been trained to maintain the healthcare facility’s equipment and prepare the hospital’s operating theatres for surgeries. OTTs are responsible for checking all medical supplies, sterilizers, ventilation systems, surgical lamps and other essential equipment before surgeries. They also ensure that all the required test are done on this equipment before a surgery takes place.

Why Become an Operation Theatre Technician?

If you want to be a part of one of the most exciting and fast-growing fields in Healthcare, then becoming an Operation Theatre Technician is the perfect career choice for you. You will be entrusted with the responsibility of preparing a surgical theatre for your patients, which can make this job extremely rewarding. Here are some additional reasons why becoming an Operation Theatre Technician is a great idea: -You can work in various hospitals across India -You will have flexible working hours and no fixed working hours -There is plenty of scope for growth as this job is growing at a rapid rate -The job opportunities are endless -OOTs have plenty of opportunities to travel around India -It’s a challenging career that requires sound knowledge and experience

Guide to become an Operation Theatre Technician

Step 1: Get your certification from a recognised college

Step 2: Apply for a job at reputed hospital, which has the required training facilities

Step 3: Starting out as a trainee in an OTT unit and slowly becoming an expert

Step 4: Explore other opportunities for OTTs There are various factors that one must consider before deciding to become an Operation Theatre Technician.

Before you decide, be sure to get your education from a recognised institute, apply for a job at reputed hospital, and start out as a trainee in an OTT unit.

Important skills for an OT

Technician Skill requirement: A keen eye for detail Patience to maintain composure in high-stress situations Good communication skills An understanding of the importance of safety in a healthcare environment Proper knowledge and preparation of sterilization equipment and supplies

Operation Theatre Technician Tasks

OTTs are responsible for maintaining all the equipment and preparing the operating theatres before surgeries. They also maintain biopsy needles, drapes, and sterile instruments. They have to be punctual when it comes to keeping the hospital’s equipment in a proper condition. OTTs also have to be on standby on their mobile phones to take care of emergencies and notifications from surgeons. They also need to know how to sew up incisions and perform other surgical procedures.

Key qualities for a successful Operation Theatre Technician

The profession of an Operation Theatre Technician is growing in the country and with that comes increased responsibility. However, there are a few qualities that an OTT must have to be successful. A number of key qualities for an OTT vary from one hospital to another but there are a few that are essential. These include: Patience, dedication and punctuality High ethical standards, commitment to quality work and excellence in performance Problem solving skills Creativity/innovativeness Leadership Concern for others


  • What are the qualifications required to become an Operation Theatre Technician? You need to have a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree in OTT.
  • What are the job requirements to become an Operation Theatre Technician? An operation theatre technician should be able to handle all types of surgical procedures and other medical treatments including operations on pregnant women, pediatric surgery, and orthopedic surgery. The ideal candidate for this career should be skilled at using computers and other medical equipment and be proficient at sterilizing light sources, preparing sterile instruments and supplies, handling hazardous chemicals, using automated equipment so as to reduce the use of manpower for medical procedures, maintaining records of patient care, setting up ventilation systems for gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide, performing preventative maintenance on various pieces of equipment etc.
  • As a new entrant into the Operation Theatre Technician field what is the average salary that one can expect? The average salary starts from Rs 4 lakhs per annum which gradually increases with experience.


Becoming an OT is a rewarding and exciting career that offers many opportunities. But it is not easy, so to start you off on your way, here is a guide to help you get started.

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