The Complete Guide to Becoming a Medical Laboratory Technician


Medical laboratory technicians are professionals who work in labs and other healthcare settings. They use sophisticated equipment, such as microscopes and lab instruments, to perform tests on biological samples.

The Importance of Being a Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technicians have a variety of responsibilities that can include everything from testing blood, urine, or tissue for the presence of disease to managing laboratory equipment. They are responsible for ensuring that samples are tested with accuracy and the correct procedures are followed.

As a medical laboratory technician (MLT), you will work in a lab setting and be responsible for tasks such as:

Collecting samples from patients
Preparing tests and analyzing results
Performing quality control checks
Training other lab staff on proper techniques
Maintaining equipment

Comparing Different Lab Tech Jobs & Salary Ranges

The lab technicians in the laboratory have a variety of different jobs and salary ranges. Some of the most common lab technician jobs are:

-Lab Technician I: Rs 15,000-25,000

-Lab Technician II: Rs 25,000-45,000

-Lab Supervisor: Rs45,000-65,000

There are many factors that can affect the salary range for a given lab technician job. The location and size of the lab can be two factors. The type of work that is done in the lab can also affect how much a lab technician is paid.

What's in A Typical Day As A Medical Laboratory Technician?

A typical day for a medical laboratory technician can be very different depending on the setting. For example, in a hospital setting, a technician might start the day by performing tests on specimens that have been sent from an outlying clinic. They may then move on to performing their own tests or participate in quality control procedures.
In contrast, in a doctor's office or private lab, technicians may spend much of their time drawing blood and taking other samples. They may also help with tasks such as filling out paperwork and filing reports.

How to Get Certified As A Medical Lab Technician?

A diploma or bachelor degree in medical lab technician is the most common level of education required to become a medical laboratory technician.

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