Hospital Management

Viraj Institute of Medical Science, popularly known as VIMS

Hospital Management program has been designed to address the demand for healthcare management professionals in the healthcare sector. You can pursue Diploma, Bachelor, Post Graduate Diploma or Master Degree program in this stream. 

  • Indian healthcare industry has been growing at a pace comparable with the Indian sunrise industries such as Telecom and Biotechnology.
  • However, the healthcare sector in India offers a powerful mix of opportunities and challenges. Importantly, there is a significant gap between the demand and the supply in terms of human resources, healthcare infrastructure, etc.
  • It is found that the gap in human resources requirement in terms of managers is of three folds across different healthcare units. With the increased awareness towards health and the momentum towards preventive healthcare among citizens the demand for healthcare has been growing and is expected to continue in the future too.
  • Although the state and the central governments are also working towards better health of the citizens of our country and building healthcare infrastructure, it is found that large population in India have to bear their medical expenses on their own. According to a report from Price Water house Coopers India, the Indian healthcare industry, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15% and is expected to touch US$ 250 billion by 2020. Thus the cost and quality of care are pivotal for the success of providing care in the future.

Hence to accommodate this challenge, the healthcare institutes would require mangers to play a pivotal role in managing the hospital and providing a better care to its patients.

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