How to Become a Physiotherapist: 5 Steps You Need to Take

Becoming a physiotherapist is a long, arduous process. However, with enough perseverance and drive, it can be achieved. The field of physiotherapy is not as difficult to break into as you may think. In fact, it has many career opportunities for those who are dedicated to their studies and willing to invest time and money in their training. If you’re thinking about becoming a physiotherapist but aren’t sure how to get started, keep reading because we have five steps you need to take in order to become one.

Get a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy

First and foremost, you have to attend a university with a Diploma/ Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in physiotherapy. This degree will provide the necessary training for you to enter the workforce and become a physiotherapist. The coursework includes varying levels of anatomy, physiology, psychology, research methods, and ethics. The courses will also offer plenty of opportunities for practical experience.
The degree is not all that’s required for entrance into the field, though.

Find a job as a physiotherapist

The first step you need to take is finding a job as a physiotherapist. There are many opportunities out there, but it will be much easier if you have experience in the field of physiotherapy. Getting some experience working in a physiotherapy clinic is a great way to get your foot in the door and jumpstart your career. Alternatively, you could apply for jobs through hospitals and practices that would hire someone with experience in the field of physiotherapy.

Stay motivated and continue your education

The first step for you to become a physiotherapist is staying motivated. Sometimes the path to success can be very tough, but it’s never impossible. You need to stay committed to your education and continue to push yourself forward each day. By keeping your chin up and following through with your studies, you’ll find that there are many opportunities for you outside of traditional career paths as a physiotherapist.
Another thing you should keep in mind is that it takes time to train for this career. It can take up to five years or more before you are fully prepared for the field of physiotherapy. However, this process could be even longer if you choose not to pursue an undergraduate degree, which is needed by many employers prior to employment in the profession.

Stay on for a research position

Before you start your studies, there are a lot of research opportunities available in physiotherapy. These positions generally don’t require a PhD and can be completed part-time. You could also look into getting a research position as soon as you graduate from university. It will give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience while also learning from other professionals.

Summing Up

The Steps
Step 1: Education
In order to become a physiotherapist, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree. This is an essential step in the process of becoming a physiotherapist because it will help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for your future career. You can also choose to enroll in a professional program through a university or college that offers graduate-level programs. In this program, you could be awarded a master’s degree or even a doctorate diploma.
Step 2: Internships
If you want to work toward becoming a physiotherapist, internships are an excellent way to do so. Interning allows you to gain real-world experience while working with professionals who have years of experience in the field. The best part? You get paid for your time! If you decide to intern at a hospital, hospital staff members will provide further instruction and guidance on how they do their jobs and how they would like you to help them out as an intern. At some hospitals, interns only have one specific task assigned to them instead of being given more responsibilities throughout their time there. This process is less about getting an internship at all and more about trying out different opportunities for different types of positions.

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